Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Interfaith Week 2012 such an important worthwhile event.

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Please browse the tabs on the left to find out more about what the Forum is up to. Feel free to contact us for more information and to get involved. We have a number of projects happening in the area, through which we are working with people from the local faith communities. Please feel free to call or contact us if you or your group are interested in any of the projects KFF are working on, or if you have suggestions for projects we could work on in the future. We deliver interactive awareness raising and myth busting sessions around topics such as the veil in Islam, giving people a chance to learn about and ask questions about important topics in our communities

A series of events, lectures and seminars to give people of faith a voice in today's big debates, to encourage dialogue between communities and develop understanding. If you love reading but find it hard to make time, or get to the end of a good book and find yourself with no one to discuss it with, come to our book club. STEPS project is a tool to give women the opportunity to build their skills and become active participants in both their communities and wider society through training and workshops, practical learning and discussion forums. We are working with two local groups, a Muslim women's group from Batley and a Bible Studies group from Dewsbury to bring them together through an informal ‘cultural awareness’ workshop, visits to each other’s places of worship, and discussion forums. Faith communities took part in numerous activities from days to faith and events and dialogues. This gives people the opportunity to experience a place of worship first hand spiritual significance and meaning.

An educational project faith communities of Kirklees by providing interactive opportunities to enable students to both learn about and learn from different faiths and beliefs. To enhance pupils’ experiences when visiting places of worship and raise awareness on matters related to faith, stereotyping, parallel lives and partiality. To develop constructive, intellectual and emotional features respectful and understanding of relationships between communities of different ethnic origin or faiths.

The week was launched at Kirklees Faiths Annual General Meeting which this year took place at The Deighton Centre. Bishop Tony Robinson, Chair of Kirklees Faiths Forum, opened proceedings and throughout the evening was joined on stage with a variety of guests including Canon Duncan Green who gave an inspiring speech about his role as faith advisor at the 2012 Olympics. Canon Green explained to the audience that athletes, Olympic staff and volunteers came together from all different faiths and backgrounds and learned about each other’s beliefs and most importantly respected each other’s faith. Guests were also given a presentation from the Kumon Y’all youth group which gave its own interpretation of Islam and the misconceptions some people have about Islam. Bridget Crabtree was guest auctioneer for this year’s Pledge a Pound Beat Your Best Fundraiser.

Local projects helping community - Kirklees stories

There are very few cities in the world as close-knit as the one from Kirklees, a small borough in the English region of West Yorkshire. The district has a population of a little fewer than 450,000 inhabitants, and it has attracted the media attention with their local projects aimed to raise the life standards of their residents. Even some big town escorts have established their residences in this area to enjoy a simpler, yet happier life. Here are just a few interesting facts about Kirklees that you should know:

Robin Hood’s burial place

Kirklees is a large borough formed out of many cities and parishes. The most important towns in the area are Huddersfield, Marsden, and Dewsbury. However, one small site that attracts the tourists’ interest is the Kirklees Priory, a nunnery located near the city of Brighouse. In the woods near this abbey lies a grave that is locally attributed to the legendary prince of thieves, Robin Hood. If you want to impress your London escort with a fascinating story, take her on a small excursion around this area and visit the hero’s burial place.

How Kirklees was formed

Kirklees was established in 1972 after the merging of two neighboring districts: Dewsbury and Huddersfield. The government officials asked the locals and their escorts for a list of possible names before the official announcement. Over 50 names were taken into consideration, and they ranged from bland terms to funny titles. In the end, the name of Robin Hood's final resting place was chosen for the entire borough.

Why escorts thrive in West Yorkshire

Many beautiful women have made West Yorkshire their home after moving there from larger metropolises. The main reasons behind their drastic life-changing decisions were the quietness of rural life and the intimacy that Kirklees offers to its residents. Nowadays, if you were to travel through this area, you would be approached by sexy escorts who combine the big city experience with small town charm to offer their clients great dates.

Birthplace of famous actors

Kirklees is where Robin Hood and his escort met their final destinies. This fact embellishes the region’s legendary status. If you want to discover newer and more realistic facts about this borough, you should check the list of famous people born in this area. Out of hundreds of celebrities from Kirklees, two names stand out more than the others: James Mason and Patrick Stewart. The former gained his fame as one of the most versatile actors of the 70s, while the latter is today's legendary image behind the legendary Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek.

Things to see in Kirklees

Kirklees abounds in beautiful landscapes and medieval monuments that attract thousands of tourists every year. If you want to spend a week far from the buzzing city, you should take a road trip in this borough. Grab your favorite escort along and enjoy one of the last natural sanctuaries in the UK. Also, a visit to these places would not be complete without seeing the Black Hill, the highest and most dramatic point in the county.