A powerful time for Buddhists to do retreats and make oerings.

Vajrayogini Day

At the Christian Hands-on-faith workshop advent wreaths were made whilst learning about the history and symbolism of the wreaths. People were also given the opportunity to visit the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Springwood, Hudderseld to learn about the Sikh faith. Friday prayers were said in English by Imam Alyas Karmani at the Jamia Salaa Masjid in Birkby, focussing on faith and cohesion. Friends from Norristhorpe United Reformed Church and Ravensthorpe with Hopton United Reformed Church welcomed visitors to their place of worship.A Faith Share took place at The Faith Centre at the University of Hudderseld in collaboration with Gill Atkinson-Heck , Methodist Chaplain. Guests learned and spoke about their faith and discussed commonalities of each other’s faith. People were given the opportunity to question faith leaders at The University of Hudderseld.

The British name of "Pancake Day" comes from the tradition of making pancakes to use up all the food that could not be eaten during Lent. The Goddess enters her ‘Maiden’ aspect, the land begins to awaken and candles are lit to encourage power the sun to chase away the remnants of winter and to bring warmth and the promise of spring. Carol Waters Director of Kirklees Faiths Forum said ‘This was a wonderful experience for all who took part. Pupils also entertained residents absolutly with musical items including ute playing and singing. The residents appreciated the entertainment and the plants whilst the children enjoyed the interaction with an older generation. New understandings have developed and new links have been made.’ Caroline Marshall, Community Engagement Ocer from Royds Hall High School said ’Thank you to Kirklees Faiths Forum for inviting us to take part in this activity. It was wonderful to see the students having an opportunity to meet the older generation and visa versa.