Ashure he had prepared and shared the delicious recipe

Muslim calendar known as Ashura

Throughout the week people of all ages and races and family backgrounds came together to learn about different faiths. Pupils from Hillside Infant and Junior School and Newsome and Royds Hall High School planted bulbs and presented them to residents of Castle Grange and Paddock Lodge care homes for Mitzvah Day. Pupils from Westborough High School joined renowned company Manasamitra at Dewsbury Town Hall to learn about Diwali through music, dance and storytelling. Our Hands-on-faith workshops introduced dierent faiths through a variety of mediums including learning about how Jewish families celebrated their cultural heritage through food, Hindu Rangoli designs used during Hindu festivals and an explanation of Noah’s Pudding, a traditional dessert many Muslims serve on the 10th day.

İsmail revealed how the day commemorates events in the lives of many of the great gures found in the Qur’an, Bible, and Torah. Participants joined in discussion about these gures and what their stories meant to Muslim, Christian and Jewish people, highlighting a shared heritage in the process. As well as honouring the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein, we learned how the day commemorates the saving of Noah and his companions from the ood, Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, Jacob being reunited with Joseph, Jesus ascending into heaven and many more events signicant in and outside the Muslim community.

İsmail explained how it is traditional to make a dish called Ashure or Noah’s Pudding which is meant to symbolise the meal that Noah and his companions made when they disembarked from the Ark. He revealed how in the Middle East the making and sharing of this dish is common practice among both Muslims and Christians, with cups being sent to neighbours of all religious persuasions in a spirit of peace and harmony. Often prepared in large cauldrons, it is also customary to distribute it to the poor.