Community cohesion in Kirklees

We are almost 7.4 billion people in the world and there are over 20 different religions worldwide. Yet regardless our nationality, culture or religious beliefs, we should get along and learn how to live all together. People who live in Kirklees have different opinions and religious beliefs, yet there are numerous programs aimed to teach them coexist peacefully. Here are some ideas of how we can improve tolerance and teach our children live together harmoniously.

Interfaith programs in Kirklees

Many comprehensive programs are developed here to help people of Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism live together as a community. Although we are not trying to establish a new religion, at Kirklees Faiths Forum our goal is to honor Interfaith as some sort of spiritual expression. We are convinced that people with various beliefs can understand and support each other and our programs will help them to better understand the differences, similarities and everything in between them.

People of different religions and from various ways of life will offer advice and guidance to those who want to make from this world a better place for our children. In addition to this, kids are welcomed to the Faith Centre, where they can play games and learn about other religions so they will not grow up and have any misunderstandings regarding those who do not share their religious beliefs.

Any parent should preach their children about tolerance and love for another, whether they believe in the same God or they do not. Instead of spending time on TV, parents should head to the Faith Centre and discover new ways to communicate better with those who have different opinions. It is often being said that those with different religions cannot coexist. They fight in the name of religion and some would say that they are arguing for the souls and hearts of men. But don’t our actions matter in our afterlives?

Kirklees Faiths Forum was not created to sum up if one religion is better than others. It is about people, community and the future of our children. We want to make from this world a better place and we will do our best to live peacefully even though we have different backgrounds, we speak different languages and we have different faiths. We have to rise interfaith’s impressive membership network and strive to meet the increasing need for assistance in our community. We believe that everyone can lead an independent and thriving life, no matter their religion, and that our mental health and overall wellness can be enhanced due to our efforts. We will focus and work on our common values and teachings of various cultures and religious beliefs.

The world itself is a global village and the advanced technology makes it easier for people with various faiths interact. People of different races, religions and nationalities are brought together and if we do not learn how to peacefully coexist, it will eventually ruin our existence. Come to Kirklees Faiths Forum to befriend with surprisingly nice people and learn that even when you do not share the same religious beliefs, you might be alike and get along with each other!